About Us

Tripod Partners was founded in 2011 in Dubai with the vision to bring together a team of senior experienced professionals combining decades of international and regional experience in bank consulting; financial training; investment; divestment; private equity; public listings and corporate know how.

As an independent firm, Tripod Partners is committed to making significant and lasting improvements with the aim of adding real value to all our clients’ businesses. We achieve this through skill enhancement and increasing the transparency and efficiency of all our clients’ markets engagements.

Central to our vision is the relationships we have built over the years with corporates, institutions, governments or entrepreneurs. Tripod Partners is the trusted professional advisor and partner in stability and growth; developing initiatives and implementing solutions; increasing efficiency and lowering costs. We focus on practical solutions and work with our stakeholders through each step, ensuring their full ownership of the process and maximum retention.

In Summary, the diversity and success of our business offering is built on the three simple capabilities of expertise, experience and relationships.

  • Tripod Bank Consulting is a trusted partner in assessing Banks product/market choices, helping identify and manage market risks and building and implementing processes.
  • Tripod Corporate Advisory acts as an advisory boutique with a unique combination of industry and transaction expertise, a broad range of advisory services and access to top decision makers and funding.
  • Tripod Financial Training designs, develops and delivers practical training programmes and talent development solutions in all areas of Finance and Banking.