Tripod Partners was founded in 2011 in Dubai with the vision to bring together a team of senior experienced professionals combining decades of international and regional experience in bank consulting; financial training; investment; divestment; private equity; public listings and corporate know how.

As an independent firm, Tripod Partners is committed to making significant and lasting improvements with the aim of adding real value to all our clients’ businesses. We achieve this through skill enhancement and increasing the transparency and efficiency of all our clients’ markets engagements.

Our Approach is simple: focus on practical solutions.

This means we spend time with you to understand what you want, specify what we will do and deliver. We take the time to understand the business intentions, to specify objectives and scope, before providing you with an offer including appropriate options.

During the initial engagement process, for all areas of expertise, we work with the required client stakeholders to scope and iron-out alternatives. Our client stakeholders include: PLCs, Board members, CEO, CFO, Treasurers, HR Management, Sales Heads, Financial Markets Heads, Operations Managers and Risk Managers.