Financial Markets Courses

How Financial Markets Work
Time: 2 day
Level: Introductory
An introductory course to financial markets, where all major markets are explained with practical examples, from both a bank and corporate perspective. Popular Forex, interest rate and commodity products are examined.
Derivative Boot Camp
Time: 3 day
Level: Intermediate
Across each asset class (Foreign Exchange, Interest Rate, Credit and Commodity) this course examines markets dynamics, the full range of derivative products (features and pricing). Delegates are coached on how to develop client-hedging solutions. Course dynamic runs from client need analysis to structuring to attaining internal approvals.
Foreign Exchange and FX Options
Time: 2 day
Level: Introductory or Intermediate
Foreign Exchange: FX Spot/Forwards and Crosses, bid-offer spreads. Assessing and advising on Forex risk. Use of fundamental and technical analysis. FX option pricing, option strategies, corporate applications.
Interest Rate and FX Derivatives
Time: 2 day
Level: Intermediate
Yield Curves and Swap pricing. Understanding the basics in the pricing of rates and currency derivatives. How corporates deal with currency and interest rate risk using derivatives. Extensive use of actual situations and case studies.
Commodity Workshop
- Energy
- Metals
- Agricultural (soft)

Time: Each 1 day
Level: Intermediate
Examine the dynamics of the chosen specific commodity class (energy & oil; base & precious metals; soft/agri) in more detail. The market developments, products and financial issues and hedging products commonly used.
Fixed Income Products and Debt Capital Markets
Time: 2 day
Level: Intermediate
Understanding yield curves and credit spreads. Types of bonds, global and local bond markets. Pricing Fixed Income products, duration and convexity. Process of issuing a bond. Trading bonds in secondary market – types of trades, strategies, pricing and hedging.
Understanding Credit Derivatives
Time: 1 day
Level: Intermediate/Advanced
How markets have developed over last 15 years. Credit spreads, ratings, ratings agencies. Debt, swap spreads and Credit Default Swaps. Overview of Credit Linked Notes, Credit Linked and Total Return structures. How the recent financial crisis has affected this credit markets and products and latest emerging trends.
Technical Analysis
Time: 2 day
Level: All
Examines the rationale, the principle disciplines, approaches and the various techniques used, types of charts. Practical trading strategies across various asset classes. Using TA as a forecasting tool. Trader training for specific markets.
Financial Markets Sales/Advisory Skills
Time: 1 day
Level: Intermediate
What are the various stages in the Sales/Advisory process, how to be most effective successful at this process, how to maximize your personal strengths. Concludes with solid action points per delegate.
Negotiating ISDA Documentation
Time: 1 day
Level: Intermediate/Specialist
Comprehensive overview of ISDA Master Agreements (1992 &2002 versions) and the Credit Support Annexes (English and New York law based collateral exchange document). Coverage of important issues in document negotiation between different types of counterparties (banks vs. ‘funds’)