Wealth Management Courses

Fixed Income Portfolio Management
Time: 2 day
Level: Intermediate
Understanding various kinds of bonds. Portfolio management techniques and hedging methodology. What are the different risks: rate sensitivity, credit, bond types, currency? Types of fixed income trades: duration, switching & value.
Investment Products for High Net Worth (HNW) and Private Banking
Time: 2 day
Level: Intermediate
Principles of fund management and portfolio construction as well as investment products in the financial universe. Examines the product features, the risks associated with an investment portfolio and the various investment styles. Key market trends, investment advisory, performance evaluation and suitability issues.
Application of Structured Products
Time: 2-3 day
Level: Advanced
From simple to complex structures using a building block approach across asset classes (FX, rates, credit, equity, commodities). Explains modeling approaches for interest rate, non-interest rate, and hybrid structured product valuation and risk management. Popular complex/path-dependent products e.g. TARFs, Accumulators, Callable Range Accruals.
Financial Planning – The Trusted Advisor
Time:2 day
Level: Intermediate
Examine wealth clients’ expectations of a trusted advisor’s skills, qualities. Practice techniques in building long-term relationships. Examine key aspects of financial planning and determining client objectives. Review typical wealth product ranges, considering client life-cycle, product appropriateness and client suitability. Review local and international regulatory requirements. Financial Planning Practices in Middle East.